Retreat Weekends postponed due to COVID-19

Please check back for further info regarding the upcoming IK 77 Men’s and IK 78 Women’s weekends. We hope to hold them in the fall!

Tax-deductible donations can be made to:

Inspiration Koinonia Inc.
c/o Crossview Church
737 George Washington Blvd.
Akron OH 44312


  • The cost for participation on the weekend is $80 for both candidates and team members.*
  • A $25 non-refundable deposit (paid for by the candidate or their sponsor) must accompany the submission of the application. The entire amount of $80 can be paid in advance by the candidate or sponsor if desired.*
  • If possible, we are requesting that the team members have their $80 paid by the third team meeting.*
  • As another form of Palanca, we ask that the sponsors be responsible for the cost ($9) of their candidate‚Äôs crosses to be submitted with their sponsor form.*

* Check must be made out to Inspiration Koinonia Inc.